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Bliss Nails & Spa 21401 focuses on ensuring the satisfaction of every client, tailoring each service to highlight our unique and individual style. We generate dazzling results using high-quality products like CND, OPI, and DND, while providing efficient, professional service that leaves you with a stunning look and a lovely sensation.

Our experienced staff take pleasure in delivering efficient and excellent service. We carry out our work with a polite, helpful and friendly attitude.
At BLISS NAILS & SPA, your health and safety are one of our top priorities, which is why we ensure that all our treatments are carried out according to the highest standards of hygiene.

We sanitize and disinfect all reusable nail tools in accordance with state regulations and industry “best practices”. They are also sterilized with our own medical grade sterilizer, guaranteeing their complete cleanliness.
Any tools that can’t be disinfected are disposed of or given to the client after a single use.

You are welcome to bring in your own tools. We still disinfect your tools before using them, as required by state law.

All of our equipment is kept in AUTOCLAVE; a machine that uses steam under strong pressure to kill harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Moreover, we regularly take classes in techniques, health and safety, and product knowledge to enhance the quality and safety of your services.

Enjoy the luxurious yet inexpensive services in a spacious environment with a large parking area.

Conveniently located at 89 FOREST PLAZA, ANNAPOLIS, MD 21401

With our fabulous salon, the highest quality products, our attention to detail and Grade A sanitation, we guarantee you’ll leave us feeling like royalty.